In Wonderfilled Volume Four, we worked closely with a number of people to find the heart of the Luxembourg City. One such partnership was with the Miami University John E. Dolibois European Center, a study abroad program that's been introducing American students to Luxembourg for nearly 50 years. We're so excited to share a new series of articles submitted by Stephen Siff's journalism course, all about European places that delight. This week, we're staying in Luxembourg, starting our Monday with a delicious cup of coffee:

By Kirsten Fowler

In a country without a single Starbucks, finding decent coffee is an experiment.  In a medieval, cobblestoned part of old Luxembourg City, Golden Bean prides itself on “The Coffee Experience,” and lives up to it name.


Sitting inside with steaming cups of joe are professionals on a work break, students staring at laptops, and others just out for a leisurely morning.  The coffee grinder hums in the background, but isn’t loud enough to be obnoxious or overtake the soundtrack of American music playing over the radio.

The company was founded as a Luxembourgish joint venture of coffee growers and roasters with a shared passion for high-quality coffee.  According to the Golden Bean philosophy, “We do not only want to sell excellent-tasting coffee to our customers but guide them through all their senses with our coffee.”  Well, mission accomplished: not only are the beverages high quality and delicious, but the calm, coffee-themed ambience of the store is an experience in itself.

The menu offers a variety of coffee, lattes, tea, and frappes, including some of the non-coffee variety.  There are also a selection of snacks and desserts to satisfy mid-day hankerings for food.  While to-go cups are an option, for the true coffee experience, spend an hour just sitting in Golden Bean and enjoy a mouthwatering coffee.  And perhaps a croissant for good measure.

 Golden Bean. 23 Rue Chimay, L-1333 Luxembourg (near Place d'Armes)

Photo via the Golden Bean's Facebook page