One of our favorite spots in Luxembourg City (and our happy hour locale of choice in Wonderfilled Volume Four) is Chocolate House. A purveyor of everything decadent and delicious, it's a uniquely wonderful place to indulge. Writer Allie Prosinski delved deeper into why this is one of our favorite spots: 

Bonbon is the French word for the sweet sugary morsels of pure heaven that we are invited to place into our mouths upon entrance to a candy shop. One would assume that the most fitting job for someone with the last name of Bonn would be a chocolatier.

Natalie Bonn became that, when she established the Chocolate House just across the street from the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg.

Beyond its aged stoned walls and battered wooden tables and chairs are shelves stacked with chocolates, cakes, hot cocoa and tortes of all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of wrapped sweets fill glass jars.

Their specialty is hot chocolate creations, solid squares attached to a spoon, either consumed as a lollipop or placed in hot milk to dissolve into a creamy, body warming beverage. With over fifty flavors, one can choose anything that the heart desires: dark chocolate to chili, even a hint of alcohol. Seasonal flavors like lemon and strawberry fill the shelves.

Chocolate House Luxembourg

Seated and waiting for their orders are children of all ages, families, parents, girl friends and elderly folks. A little boy licks his to remove the chocolate mustache that coats his upper lip in dark brown foam. Two elderly women, munching small bites out of their creamy two-layer custard cake, pass a fork back and forth between them. A father and a little girl celebrate another completed day of elementary school.

As one of the most visited places in Luxembourg, getting a chance to spend an afternoon indulging in heavenly chocolates is the perfect addition to any day.

This article is part of our collaboration with the Miami University John E. Dolibois Center, a study abroad program for American students based in Luxembourg.