Wonderfilled Magazine explores cities around the world.  

Each issue is an immersive, exciting look-book filled with lifestyle features that explore current culture.

What will you discover? Food, craft, art, design and style - everything that makes cities unique, exciting, and well, filled with wonder. 


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Curious about the world around her and passionate about storytelling, Kelley has lived in France, Luxembourg & Ohio, collecting stories that inspire, provoke and enlighten. 

Each volume of Wonderfilled magazine is created with the artful contributions of writers, illustrators, photographers, and all-around awesome creatives from each featured city. 

We're always looking for content from talented folks, like you, for our blog & magazine. 

Daily Wonder

We publish bi-weekly content on our blog about food, design and craft around the world. If you have a story that you think would be a perfect fit, drop us a line with a brief summary and 2-3 high-res photos: hello@wonderfilledmag.com.

Wonderfilled Magazine

We love working with local writers and photographers in our featured cities! If you live in any of the cities we'll be exploring in 2016, we'd love to chat: hello@wonderfilledmag.com.

Volume 4: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Volume 5: Salt Lake City, Utah

Volume 6: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam